Board Member Information


  • Name: Mary Rogers Belandres
  • Email:
  • Description: Oversees the proper functioning of the other 10 offices and fills in where necessary. Provide strategic direction for the board, ensure coordination among the 10 functions, manage the budget, maintain and enhance the reputation and public visibility of the club. Conduct bi monthly Board meetings and attend special committee meetings required.

Vice President

  • Name: Bill Renick
  • Email:
  • Description: Manage public relations and publicity of club events, including guest speakers and the club’s relationship with media and sponsors. Conduct the annual awards banquet. Conduct monthly member meeting. Acts on the President’s behalf when the President is unavailable.


  • Name: Michael Maher Sr.
  • Email:
  • Description: Manage the official records of the club- including outside correspondence, Board minutes and election of officers.


  • Name: Sharon Chelette
  • Email:
  • Description: Manage the financial affairs of the club including banking, deposits, checkbook, credit cards, monthly reports, taxes and insurance.

Big Fish Director

  • Name:Open
  • Email:
  • Description: Manage the Big Fish Tournament including advertising, donations, mailing list, seminar and captain’s meeting. Ensure smooth overlap with weigh master, raffle master and membership.

Membership Director

  • Name: Deborah Renick
  • Email:
  • Description: Manage the enrollment process for the club. Handle applications, name badges, roster updates and mailing address changes to the Blue Water Bulletin, Good will ambassador for the club because they are usually the first person prospective new members meet when they enter the meeting room.

Weigh Master

  • Name: John Chuckta
  • Email:
  • Description: Manage the official weighing of the fish caught in all club tournaments including the Big Fish. Ensures the club scale conforms to IGFA standards. Coordinates activities with Tournament Director on Angler of the Year status and awards .

Tournament Director

  • Name: Pepe Valdvia
  • Email:
  • Description: Manage the 9 club fishing contests. Develop schedule, arrange for facility and refreshments, and determine contest rules and point system cumulating in Angler of the Year awards.

Raffle Master

  • Name: Ellen Duchene
  • Email:
  • Description: Manage the club’s monthly raffle. Responsibilities include buying from club affiliated sponsor. Establishing relationships with vendors, control cash, manage inventory and stay within budget.

Clothing Director

  • Name: Tony Belandres
  • Email:
  • Description: Procures the club’s clothing and Logoed items and has them available for purchase at each club meeting. Also orders all custom clothing items for club members.

Public Relations

  • Name: Tim Foote
  • Email:
  • Description: Maintain and keep the club in front of the media at all times. Notify radio and related publications of the club’s events. Maintain a good relationship with all forms of media.