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Words from Lou 1993

Upcoming Events 2015

Club Meeting 3/05 Bali Hai
Long Beach Fred Hall show March 4-8
Del Mar Fred Hall show March 26-29

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March 5th Speaker
Captain Paul Fischer

The Outer Limits is a modern sportfishing boat equipped with the latest in technology. This includes a spacious galley, air conditioned bunk room, a sidescanning sonar, a navigation system for tracking fish school movements, and an extremely polite and experienced Captain and crew. CLICK on the Outer Limits below to go for a tour.

The Clubs Last Clamming event Feb 15th, 2015.
Silver Strand State Beach

Okay, so the word got out, WHAT AN EVENT. Well, on February 15th we had a great turnout at the Silver Strand State Beach . The club provided Carnitas (and fixings) and we had a nice pot of Fresh Clam Chowder. See more in the Blue Water Bulletin.

Swap Meet Moved to June
SWAP MEET will be on JUNE 4th. Free to members 10 dollars for non members.

Check The Moon and Tide


Big Lobsters!! 63 Fish Young Kids Catch A Lot of Fish Girl With Very large Trout It's not a fish, but this little girl certainly had a big catch as the winner for a girls bike give-away.